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Some Essential Redis Commands Nov 17, 2023 by Robert Gravelle

Redis, the blazing-fast, in-memory data structure store, is revered for its prowess in handling key-value pairs. However, its utility extends far beyond basic key operations. In this article, we'll explore some of the most indispensable Redis commands (other than those which involve keys, since we've covered those proviously), unlocking the true potential of this powerful tool. We'll also see how to communicate directly with Redis from Navicat!

Working with JSON Documents in Redis Nov 10, 2023 by Robert Gravelle

Redis, known for its blazing fast performance, is a versatile NoSQL database that excels in handling key-value pairs. While it's primarily designed for simple data structures, Redis also supports more complex data types like lists, sets, and even JSON documents. In this blog article, we'll delve into the world of JSON documents in Redis, exploring how to work with them both through the command-line interface (CLI) and with the help of Navicat 16 for Redis on macOS.

What Sets Redis Apart from Other Databases Nov 3, 2023 by Robert Gravelle

Redis, short for Remote Dictionary Server, is a versatile and high-performance key-value store that has gained significant popularity in the world of databases. It is known for its exceptional speed and efficiency in handling simple data structures. In this article, we will explore what sets Redis apart from other databases and how Navicat for Redis complements it as a robust management tool.

Navicat 16.3 Adds Support for Redis Cluster Oct 27, 2023 by Robert Gravelle

Navicat made headlines back in May of 2023 when the company introduced Navicat for Redis. Since then, the development team have added several notable enhancements, the most significant being support for the Redis JSON key type. Version 16.3 marks another milestone in the evolution of both Navicat Premium and Navicat for Redis, which adds support for Redis Cluster. Today's blog will provide a brief overview of Redis Cluster, how to connect to server instances in Navicat, as well as list a few other features that you'll find in Navicat Premium.

Working with Strings in Redis Oct 20, 2023 by Robert Gravelle

Redis is a powerful open-source, in-memory data structure store that is used for various purposes such as caching, session management, real-time analytics, and more. One of the fundamental data types in Redis is strings, which can hold any kind of text or binary data, up to a maximum limit of 512 megabytes. In today's blog, we'll learn how to work with strings in Redis, both using the CLI and Navicat for Redis.

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