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Exploring Some Prevalent Stored Procedure Myths Aug 5, 2022 by Robert Gravelle

Application developers have long held the belief that housing database operations within stored procedured yielded optimum performance and guarded against SQL Injection attacks. It was also thought that these advantages were worth the extra costs associated with maintenance, testing, and migration of database logic to a different vendor. In recent years, the tide has been turning away from stored procedures - or procs - towards Object-relational Mappers (ORM) such as Hibernate or Entity Framework as developers have begin to question these long-standing assumptions.

The Are Stored Procedures an Outdated Tool? article highlighted a few reasons for eschewing stored procedures in favor of application code and ORMs. This week, we'll explore the two myths introduced above and see if they still stand up to scrutiny today.

Are Stored Procedures an Outdated Tool? Jul 27, 2022 by Robert Gravelle

Stored procedures have been falling out of favour with some organizations for several years now. The preferred approach of these businesses for accessing their database(s) is to employ an Object-relational Mapper (ORM) such as NHibernate or Entity Framework. Over the next couple of blog articles, we'll explore their reasons for doing so, and whether this paradigm shift points to the eventual obsolescence of Stored Procedures.

What's New in Navicat 16.1 - Part 4 Jul 21, 2022 by Navicat

Data Synchronization

You are now able to choose not to preview the results and deploy directly. Navicat now offers two buttons:

  • Compare & Preview: preview the comparison results.
  • Compare & Deploy: skip the preview and deploy immediately.

What's New in Navicat 16.1 - Part 3 Jul 21, 2022 by Navicat


Trend Line supported

Starting with Navicat 16.1, trend line can be added in Vertical/Horizontal Bar Chart, Line Chart, Area Chart, Bar and Line Chart, and Scatter Chart. To make your chart even more understandable and easily interpreted, you can change the default appearance of a trendline. For this, just simply click on Trend Line tab in Properties pane.

What's New in Navicat 16.1 - Part 2 Jul 21, 2022 by Navicat

Data Viewer

Better view for your data

We think you will particularly appreciate the improvement for highlighting the selected row and active cell. You can now easier to see your current place in Grid View.

We’ve improved the data alignment in Grid View. Previously, this made it difficult to view data between number column and text column, but now Navicat handles this situation well.

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