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Navicat Monitor 2

Maximized visibility into your database infrastructure.

Navicat Monitor now available for SQL Server and Azure users.

Our intuitive dashboard focuses on delivering information essential to our new SQL Server users. Navicat Monitor translates metric data into visuals to help you have a clearer understanding of your server performance. It enables you to define warning thresholds so that you can be alerted when a problem is building. You can also monitor the health of transactional replication and merge replication based on the hierarchy and relationship of publishers and their subscribers. So, you can determine your next steps to radically improve the performance of your SQL Server.

Optimize your slow queries to increase performance.

The Long Running Queries chart visualizes all the top queries based on duration of execution, wait types, CPU usage, and the number of reads and writes performed on the databases hosted by the specified instance. You can easily identify the queries that are running for an inordinate amount of time and take appropriate actions to resolve them.

Long Running Queries
Focus Analysis
Alert Report
Get an overview of all top queries in your environment over time.
Dig deeper into an individual query to track down what it was waiting on.
List out the causes of a long running query and warn you about critical issues.

Tailor a custom chart for your own business needs.

Navicat Monitor allows you to build custom metrics to track everything you need. You can write your own query to collect performance metrics for specific instances, and receive alerts about your custom data when the metric value passes certain thresholds and durations. It’s easy to set up a custom metric – just take your time and think through exactly what you wish to collect.

Share your server health and performance.

Navicat Monitor provides a clear representation in charts that contain all the information you needs for monitoring your server. You can set up a schedule to send personalized emails with reports to specific users or entire group. Reports are sent as PDF files and they can be scheduled as one-time event jobs or recurring jobs to run daily, weekly, or monthly. So, you can regularly send your server performance data for offline analysis or sharing.

Up Down Status
Replication Diagram
Performance Charts
Long Running Query Analysis
Generate Reports

Up Down Status

Show the status of your server over time. Find the time interval when your server was down.

Replication Diagram

Represent the replication relationships and trace the overall health of a replication topology.

Performance Charts

Get a detailed view of server health check status such as CPU and memory usage, database sizes distribution, and more.

Long Running Query Analysis

Export all queries or a single query that are consuming resources.

Generate Reports

All the charts can be scheduled as reports via email.

Stay focused on your work.

Dark mode support has arrived in our 2.1 update. Navicat Monitor now supports both light and dark interface styles. You can show a dark mode version as your default viewing preference.

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