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Navicat Academic Partner Program for Teachers

PremiumSoft is committed to working with educators, schools, and industry partners to enhance the learning experience through technology.

As such, we have established Navicat Academic Partner Program (NAPP) to offer Navicat Essentials Licenses to colleges and universities for teaching purposes.

*Only accredited non-profit academic institutions are eligible for NAPP; non-accredited schools and training centers do not qualify for this program.

Licensees under this arrangement must certify that Navicat will be used for educational purposes only; one must not, under any circumstances, abuse the license for benefits of a third party(s).

Application Procedures

To apply, please complete and submit the NAPP Request Form.

Sponsored Parties

Anadolu University
City of Glasgow College
St Vincent College
Technische Universität München
Municipal Corporation and Health Education quilpue

Navicat Academic Partner Program (NAPP) - Teachers - Application Form

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